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High School Sports Coverage (6-10-2016)
Our 2015-2016 High School Sports coverage has come to an end. A big thanks to all of our sponsors during the season. Our High School Sports coverage begins again in the Fall. See you then!

Your Hometown Station for SPORTS (12-14-2015)
Your Hometown Station is known for our commitment to covering local sports. You can listen to live play-by-play action on your radio or online as we cover everything from football to basketball, softball to field hockey, and wrestling from the home mats to the state finals in Hershey!

As our local athletes advance to the next level, we are right there with them. You can be right there with them as well by advertising your business during our local sports coverage.

Contact us at 717-242-1493 if your business would like to be a part of our winning team!